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MakerBeam Example: Demo Board Fixture

A Typical Application Example:

On customer request we developed a technology demonstration PCB as a feasibility study for applying an Arduino Ethernet board as interface for controlling a matrix of up to 512 solid state relays. The demo board should only provide 16 channels on a PCB, but still be representative for the final solution in terms of spacial requirements.

Furthermore the demo setup should provide a mechanically robust yet lightweight and mobile PCB support frame.

Within only 7 working days we developed the demo setup as shown below meeting all the requirements of our customer (incl. the embedded software). The mechanical construction was only a matter of several minutes - thanks to the application of MakerBeam profiles :-).

Mechanical Data:

Demo Board: 100mm x 80mm

Arduino Ethernet: approx. 69mm x 53mm

BOM for MakerBeam Frame:

Amount (Used) Ord-No. Description Notes
4 mb_bamb100p16 100mm MakerBeam Profile (16 pcs. per pack)  
2 mb_bamb200p08 200mm MakerBeam Profile (8 pcs. per pack)  
4 mb_vinec Vinyl End Caps(4 pcs. per pack)  
8 mb_b90p24 90 Degree Bracket (24 pcs. per pack)  
32 mb_m3b06b03 Bolts M3x6 square headed (250 pcs. per pack)  
32 mb_m3nb01 Nuts M3 (250 pcs. per pack)  
7 mb_sosp4p Stand-Off Spacers (4 pcs. per pack)  
7 mb_m3b06b02 Bolts M3x6 with serrated round head (250 pcs. per pack) Any M3 bolt capable of fixing the PCB may be used.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or remarks regarding the hardware or software.



Tel.: +49(0)8142-291-4489 System Engineering GmbH - Development Partner for Your Success!


What It Looked Like:

Rear View: To the left we mounted the demo PCB onto two 100mm MakerBeam cross struts, to the right the Arduino Ethernet was mounted two other cross struts. Four Vinyl end caps have been attached on each end of the 200mm MakerBeam serving as edge protectors.

Top View: Both boards are fixed safely and nicely for presentation.

A view under the board: spacers allow the simple mounting of the board.

With embedded software capable of running in demo mode loaded onto the Arduino Ethernet board it was possible to demonstrate the main functions to the customer without having the ethernet connected.


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